Infrared asphalt Technology has developed into a more Eco friendly alternative to pothole repair and is a relatively new method of asphalt repair that uses an infrared heating unit to soften old defective asphalt into a workable state. Once this is accomplished new asphalt is added, fusing it seamlessly with the surrounding area. The result is an asphalt pothole repair devoid of any seams. We specialize in asphalt pothole repair in the all areas we serve and beyond using the infrared method.

Why Infrared Technology for Pothole Repair?

While infrared technology is used to repair a variety of asphalt defects, its most common use is for pothole repair. As compared to the old method, where a square of damaged asphalt is cut out, removed and filled with new asphalt.  The infrared method does not require a saw cut and eliminates the seams that exist after the repair is made. The advantage of the infrared method is the way the new patch material is joined seamlessly to the surrounding pavement. This means no water can penetrate through an asphalt seam.

The infrared asphalt repair method can be used for all types of asphalt repair with exception of those that require new base material beneath the asphalt. When this occurs the asphalt must be completely removed so the source of the asphalt defect can be properly addressed.

Infrared Patching

Infrared Benefits

Recycle: Why waste perfectly good asphalt when you can “Recycle and Repair”

Permanent Repair: Seamless welded edges. No saw cut joints that allow water seepage to quickly deteriorate repairs. No freeze thaw issues that occur from traditional methods.

Cost Efficient: Much less new asphalt required. No unnecessary equipment, less manpower per repair. A green process that makes sense and profits.

Time Saving: Eliminate saw cutting, jack hammering, loading, trucking and disposal. The Infrared Process takes one-half the time of traditional methods of Asphalt Repair. There is only one trip to the jobsite. Less noise and less mess.

Typical Uses

Trip hazards, paving “cold” seams, isolated failures, catch basins, manhole repairs, bird baths, and potholes
These versatile infrared asphalt recyclers are designed for common occurring asphalt problems – repair improper seams, sunken utility cuts, lower elevated or buckled surfaces, refinish manholes, potholes or other broken areas.

The penetrating infrared rays of the recyclers quickly soften the existing asphalt without burning. Typically the top 1 1/2″ to 2″ of asphalt is ready for raking within 7 – 10 minutes.

  • Remove bird baths, lower high spots, repair catch basins
  • Eliminate potholes, remove oil spots
  • Correct asphalt imperfections & alligator cracking

Once softened and scarified, hot mix is added to bring the recycled area back to proper grade. Compacting produces a permanent hot patch level with the existing asphalt. Water seepage is eliminated because the repair is seamless. The procedure described can be used to repair large areas by sequentially moving our machine over the damaged area; this process is used for year round repairs!