Repairing & Resurfacing Of Tennis CourtWe offer a comprehensive range of Tennis Court rehab and color coatings along with a full line of services:

The standard resurfacing cycle for sport surfaces is 5 to 8 years. The asphalt and concrete base of a tennis court, no matter how well built, can exhibit cracking and low spots known as “birdbaths”. There are many factors that can contribute to these problems from ground movement, to tree roots and improper construction or base mixes. While many of the cleaning and protection functions can be handled by the court owner or the facilities maintenance crew. Pavement repairs and resurfacing is best handled by our sport surfacing professionals.

Our recommendation

Have an annual inspection performed in the spring of the year to evaluate the condition of your facility. We offer inexpensive maintenance programs like this to our customers. Here are some of the details we will address in regards to resurfacing:

  • Overall condition and appearance of the facility
  • Surface damage, birdbaths, or cracks that have appeared or   reopened
  • Performance of the drainage system.
  • Areas of premature wear or damage. Identify causes.
  • Condition of the surfacing system: texture, fading, stains, mold or mildew growth
  • Condition of tennis court accessories: Tennis nets and net posts, windscreen, center strap, etc.

Once the scope of the project is determined we will present a bid based on any and all work necessary to bring your existing courts back to a visually vibrant user friendly surface that you will be proud to be playing on.


There are many colors available and we recommend and use Sport Master Products from Sealmaster.Net.  You can visit their website to view or download an array of information including available colors for your courts recoating!