Why Summer Is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Richmond

Why Summer Is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Sealcoating in RichmondAsphalt pavements in the Richmond area take a beating from nature. Historically, winter weather usually includes at least some ice and snow, and autumn can bring heavy rain from hurricanes even if they do not make landfall in Richmond. Temperatures can fall below freezing as early as the end of October or as late as the middle of April. Due to the area’s typical weather patterns, Richmond asphalt sealcoating professionals usually schedule the bulk of their jobs during the summer months.

Why Summer Is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Richmond

Why Is the Weather Important When Applying Asphalt Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is extremely sensitive to weather conditions. It cannot be applied if the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit or if the temperature will fall below that point for at least the first 24 hours. Normally, June, July, and August are the only months during which the temperature is virtually guaranteed to remain above the necessary minimum point. The temperature also plays an important role in how quickly the sealant will dry; hotter temperatures mean higher rates of evaporation. Furthermore, the ultraviolet index peaks during the summer months, and UV rays help ensure proper curing of the sealant. Finally, there is simply the issue of longer workdays that allow asphalt companies and Richmond asphalt sealcoating contractors to accomplish more during a single trip. For example, if a client needed two coats of parking lot sealcoat and lot striping, it would be virtually impossible for a contractor to complete the entire project in one day unless the lot was extremely small. Spreading the job over multiple days would require closing the area for a longer period; it is also quite likely that the overall cost for the parking lot sealcoat and striping would be a bit more.

Should I Have My Asphalt Pavement Sealed Every Summer?

Few businesses and almost no homeowners will need annual applications of sealcoating. Although your contractor may recommend a different schedule, most asphalt companies advise sealing a new pavement within 12 months of its installation, followed by another application of sealant every two or three years. Some homeowners may only need to seal their asphalt driveways every four or five years. The right schedule will depend on several factors that are specific to your pavement. These factors include the age of your pavement, the care it has received over its life, its overall condition, and the use to which it is subjected. A reputable driveway or parking lot maintenance contractor can evaluate your pavement to recommend the timing of your sealant applications as well as any other procedures that you might need.

Can US Asphalt Maintenance Help With My Sealant Applications?

US Asphalt Maintenance specializes in helping customers get the best return on their investments in pavement. Our parking lot maintenance services include sealcoating, lot striping, asphalt crack filling, and pavement management programs. We serve commercial clients in many locations in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina, and homeowners in Richmond can benefit from the professional services offered by our driveway sealcoating division. Our decades of experience, exceptional work, and deep commitment to customer service have allowed us to build an impeccable reputation. Call us at 804-625-7325 or complete the online form to request a free quote.

How Asphalt Crack Repair Can Benefit Property Management Companies

Asphalt Crack Filling, How Asphalt Crack Repair Can Benefit Property Management CompaniesProperty management companies can be large or small, manage only commercial or only multifamily properties, or focus on a single business district or neighborhood. However, regardless of the management company’s size or specialty, its clients expect it to safeguard their investments by attracting and retaining high-quality tenants, protecting the property, and generating a positive public image. Achieving all these goals can be made easier by being proactive about paving repairs, include the repair of any significant cracks.

How Asphalt Crack Repair Can Benefit Property Management Companies

What Is Considered a Significant Asphalt Crack?

Eventually, every asphalt pavement will develop cracks. Whether they are significant depends on various factors, including the size, location, and type of crack. Typically, hairline surface cracks are not considered significant, but cracks that are more than about a quarter of an inch in width or depth, lie in an area of high traffic, or grow longer or wider as the months pass are usually deemed significant.

Why Is Timely Crack Repair Important?

Asphalt pavement relies on a stable foundation for its flexibility as well as its strength. If water penetrates to the base layers, erosion can weaken the foundation. Major damage can result, and the structural integrity of the entire pavement could be irreparably compromised. Therefore, asphalt repair is essential for any significant break in the pavement, including cracks and potholes.

What Methods Are Used to Repair Cracks in Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt contractors typically repair cracks by either filling or sealing them. Asphalt crack filling involves the introduction of a fill material into the crack; occasionally, the filler may extend onto the surrounding pavement, but it is usually confined within the crack. Asphalt crack sealing involves introducing a flexible material into the crack and onto the surrounding pavement. Of the two methods, crack filling is typically the more economical solution. However, since the type of crack can make one method preferable to the other, it is important to follow the recommendations of a trustworthy contractor.

What Else Should I Know About Asphalt Crack Repairs?

Crack repair should be included in your routine maintenance program. If possible, new cracks should be repaired every spring and every autumn. Your contractor should inspect previously repaired cracks to determine their integrity; even the best repair may not last until the end of your pavement’s life. Alligator cracks cannot be repaired by filling or sealing them. Alligator cracking is an indication that the foundation needs to be repaired, so your contractor will need to remove the damaged area, mend the foundation, and then install new asphalt. You can apply sealcoating over a repaired crack, but sealcoating will not completely obscure the repair. Furthermore, the possibility exists for chipping to occur in the sealcoating over the crack repair, so you may need to have the sealcoating touched up in between regular applications.

Let US Asphalt Maintenance Help You

US Asphalt Maintenance is a family owned business with more than 35 years of asphalt industry experience. We specialize in maintaining and repairing asphalt pavements, including parking lots, private streets, and public roadways. Our services in the Richmond area include sealcoating, crack repair, and parking lot striping and pavement markings. We have built an exemplary reputation by consistently delivering high-quality work in a courteous, professional manner. To request a free quote on a one-off project or a complete pavement management program, use the online form to contact us or call our office at 804-625-7325.

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? | Richmond, VA

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? | Richmond, VAMost homeowner associations spend a great deal of time and effort to select the best asphalt contractor to build their parking lots and other pavements. Proper construction is critical to the longevity of asphalt pavement. However, not everyone realizes that what happens from the time of construction can be an equally important part of ensuring a long pavement life with minimal repairs. If you want to protect the asphalt pavements in your community, you need an effective preventive maintenance program.

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? | Richmond, VA

What Constitutes an Effective Preventive Maintenance Program for Asphalt Pavement?

Preventive maintenance programs are tailored to the specific needs of each pavement. Your contractor will evaluate several factors, including the age of the pavement, the maintenance it has previously received, the pavement’s overall condition, and your plans and goals. Here are some procedures that are commonly included in asphalt maintenance programs for HOAs.

1. Asphalt repairs should be made as soon as cracks, potholes, or other pavement breaks occur. Giving water a path through the pavement will result in damage to the base layers that will lead to the premature deterioration of the pavement.
2. Parking lot sealcoating can often double the life of an asphalt parking lot if the sealcoating is maintained and timely repairs are performed. Asphalt sealcoating dramatically enhances the visual appeal of the pavement, but it is an important and effective way to block UV rays, automotive fluids, and other things that can deteriorate asphalt pavement.
3. Pavement striping and marking can make your community safer as well as more attractive. Plan to have fresh paint applied after an asphalt sealcoating job or whenever the paint becomes faded or damaged.

Can an HOA Handle Some Tasks to Protect Asphalt Pavements?

Although some tasks should be delegated to an experienced professional, there are some things that you or one of your employees could handle.

1. Conduct regular inspections to identify problem areas as early as possible.
2. Whether handled by an employee or an outside contractor, routine cleaning of asphalt pavement can help prolong its life. Removing leaked automotive fluids, piles of vegetation, and accumulated debris can prevent staining as well as damage to the pavement.
3. Restrict access to pavements that are not designed to support heavy trucks or construction equipment. Do not allow boat trailers, RVs, heavy equipment, or large trucks to remain stationary on asphalt pavement for extended periods.

If you represent an HOA and need assistance with your asphalt pavements, contact the experts at US Asphalt Maintenance. We are an experienced, dependable pavement maintenance company with an impeccable reputation for quality and service. Our services include asphalt crack filling, sealcoating, and striping and pavement markings. For a free quote, fill out the online form or call our office in Midlothian at 804-625-7325.

How Can I Improve an Older Residential Asphalt Driveway?

How Can I Improve an Older Residential Asphalt Driveway? driveway sealcoating richmond vaWhen your asphalt paving company finished installing your new driveway, you may have been struck by the instant improvement in your home’s curb appeal. The surface would have been smooth and even, and the color of the pavement would have been a deep, luxurious black. With age, however, your driveway has lost some of its visual appeal. You may think that the only way to improve your driveway is to replace it, but there are several things that can help give new life to an older asphalt pavement.

How Can I Improve an Older Residential Asphalt Driveway?

What Tasks Might a Homeowner Perform to Improve an Older Asphalt Driveway?

Some tasks should be left to a reputable, professional contractor who has experience in the areas of driveway and parking lot maintenance. However, other tasks can be handled by the homeowner. Although your contractor could also perform these tasks, you might be able to save some money and see an instant improvement in your driveway’s appearance.

1. Inspect your driveway periodically. Most tasks are easier and more effective when issues are caught early.
2. Remove any vegetation growing in cracks or holes in your pavement. You should also clear away vegetation growing immediately adjacent to your driveway.
3. Clean oil spills or other leaked automotive fluids. Blot up any excess liquid, cover with a layer of cat litter, and wait until the next day to sweep up the litter. Mix liquid dishwashing detergent or degreaser with water, then work the mixture in with a stiff brush. Wait about 30 minutes before rinsing with clear water. It may take more than one treatment to remove the stain, and you should stop immediately if your efforts are removing pieces of the pavement.

How Can a Professional Residential Sealcoating and Pavement Repair Company Improve an Older Asphalt Driveway?

The first thing that a professional contractor will do is address any type of asphalt repair that is needed. This may involve crackfilling, pothole repair, or patching to replace an area with alligator cracks. A proficient contractor will also look for evidence of drainage problems and advise on any corrective measures needed. Once the pavement is clean, dry, and repaired, an application of driveway sealcoating will be applied. Sealcoating brings back the pavement’s original color, but it is also a cost-effective method of protecting asphalt pavement. Asphalt sealcoating Richmond driveways should normally be performed about every three years, but you should ask your contractor for the right schedule for your specific driveway.

Which Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Company Should I Choose?

If you have an older asphalt driveway in Richmond, US Asphalt Maintenance can help. We specialize in the maintenance of asphalt pavements by offering services that include crackfilling, commercial and residential sealcoating, and striping and pavement markings. We are a highly regarded company known for exceptional work at affordable prices. For a free quote, give us a call at 804-625-7325 or submit our convenient online form.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Richmond, VA

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Richmond, VirginiaYou probably know how much asphalt striping and pavement markings can add to the curb appeal of your property. Bright, crisp markings and lines, however, do more than just add visual appeal. Here are some additional benefits that you may have overlooked.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Richmond, VA

1. Professionally applied lot striping and markings make your property safer. Drivers will be less confused, allowing them to be more focused and less distracted. Pedestrians will be able to better recognize the safest routes and locate crosswalks. There should be fewer auto-pedestrian accidents and fender benders in a well-marked lot than in one that is essentially a blank canvas.
2. The number of vehicles for which you can provide parking can be increased. Every paving contractor knows that there are various ways to configure a parking lot, and the configuration can significantly impact the number of parking stalls that can fit within the lot. Generally, however, the fewest vehicles can be accommodated by a lot that has no parking stalls defined. Drivers will tend to park very far apart and at a variety of angles.
3. It is important to ensure that your lot complies with all federal and local regulations. If your parking lot includes tow-away zones, accessible parking spaces, or fire lanes, the lack of any mandatory markings or signage could result in a fine.
4. Lot striping and markings can improve the flow of traffic. Poor traffic flow can result in congested areas that cause traffic jams that can be highly frustrating to customers. This can lead some customers to avoid your business in the future rather than risk another unpleasant experience in your parking lot.
5. You can easily add striping and marking to your routine asphalt maintenance plan. Sealcoating parking lot pavements is an important preventive maintenance procedure that can add many years to your pavement’s useful life. However, sealcoating will cover existing markings, so many sealcoating contractors also offer striping services. This can be a great time to evaluate your lot’s configuration, traffic patterns, and compliance with all regulations.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of parking lot striping, contact US Asphalt Maintenance. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to handle jobs of all sizes. Our services include sealcoating parking lot pavements, repairing cracks in asphalt pavements, striping and pavement markings, infrared asphalt patching, tennis court resurfacing and repair, and comprehensive . We have an exceptional reputation that is based on our superior workmanship, extraordinary customer service, and exemplary project management. You can use our online form to request a free quote or call 804-625-7325.