How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? | Richmond, VA

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? | Richmond, VAMost homeowner associations spend a great deal of time and effort to select the best asphalt contractor to build their parking lots and other pavements. Proper construction is critical to the longevity of asphalt pavement. However, not everyone realizes that what happens from the time of construction can be an equally important part of ensuring a long pavement life with minimal repairs. If you want to protect the asphalt pavements in your community, you need an effective preventive maintenance program.

How Can HOAs Protect Their Asphalt Pavement? | Richmond, VA

What Constitutes an Effective Preventive Maintenance Program for Asphalt Pavement?

Preventive maintenance programs are tailored to the specific needs of each pavement. Your contractor will evaluate several factors, including the age of the pavement, the maintenance it has previously received, the pavement’s overall condition, and your plans and goals. Here are some procedures that are commonly included in asphalt maintenance programs for HOAs.

1. Asphalt repairs should be made as soon as cracks, potholes, or other pavement breaks occur. Giving water a path through the pavement will result in damage to the base layers that will lead to the premature deterioration of the pavement.
2. Parking lot sealcoating can often double the life of an asphalt parking lot if the sealcoating is maintained and timely repairs are performed. Asphalt sealcoating dramatically enhances the visual appeal of the pavement, but it is an important and effective way to block UV rays, automotive fluids, and other things that can deteriorate asphalt pavement.
3. Pavement striping and marking can make your community safer as well as more attractive. Plan to have fresh paint applied after an asphalt sealcoating job or whenever the paint becomes faded or damaged.

Can an HOA Handle Some Tasks to Protect Asphalt Pavements?

Although some tasks should be delegated to an experienced professional, there are some things that you or one of your employees could handle.

1. Conduct regular inspections to identify problem areas as early as possible.
2. Whether handled by an employee or an outside contractor, routine cleaning of asphalt pavement can help prolong its life. Removing leaked automotive fluids, piles of vegetation, and accumulated debris can prevent staining as well as damage to the pavement.
3. Restrict access to pavements that are not designed to support heavy trucks or construction equipment. Do not allow boat trailers, RVs, heavy equipment, or large trucks to remain stationary on asphalt pavement for extended periods.

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