Why Summer Is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Richmond

Why Summer Is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Sealcoating in RichmondAsphalt pavements in the Richmond area take a beating from nature. Historically, winter weather usually includes at least some ice and snow, and autumn can bring heavy rain from hurricanes even if they do not make landfall in Richmond. Temperatures can fall below freezing as early as the end of October or as late as the middle of April. Due to the area’s typical weather patterns, Richmond asphalt sealcoating professionals usually schedule the bulk of their jobs during the summer months.

Why Summer Is the Ideal Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Richmond

Why Is the Weather Important When Applying Asphalt Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is extremely sensitive to weather conditions. It cannot be applied if the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit or if the temperature will fall below that point for at least the first 24 hours. Normally, June, July, and August are the only months during which the temperature is virtually guaranteed to remain above the necessary minimum point. The temperature also plays an important role in how quickly the sealant will dry; hotter temperatures mean higher rates of evaporation. Furthermore, the ultraviolet index peaks during the summer months, and UV rays help ensure proper curing of the sealant. Finally, there is simply the issue of longer workdays that allow asphalt companies and Richmond asphalt sealcoating contractors to accomplish more during a single trip. For example, if a client needed two coats of parking lot sealcoat and lot striping, it would be virtually impossible for a contractor to complete the entire project in one day unless the lot was extremely small. Spreading the job over multiple days would require closing the area for a longer period; it is also quite likely that the overall cost for the parking lot sealcoat and striping would be a bit more.

Should I Have My Asphalt Pavement Sealed Every Summer?

Few businesses and almost no homeowners will need annual applications of sealcoating. Although your contractor may recommend a different schedule, most asphalt companies advise sealing a new pavement within 12 months of its installation, followed by another application of sealant every two or three years. Some homeowners may only need to seal their asphalt driveways every four or five years. The right schedule will depend on several factors that are specific to your pavement. These factors include the age of your pavement, the care it has received over its life, its overall condition, and the use to which it is subjected. A reputable driveway or parking lot maintenance contractor can evaluate your pavement to recommend the timing of your sealant applications as well as any other procedures that you might need.

Can US Asphalt Maintenance Help With My Sealant Applications?

US Asphalt Maintenance specializes in helping customers get the best return on their investments in pavement. Our parking lot maintenance services include sealcoating, lot striping, asphalt crack filling, and pavement management programs. We serve commercial clients in many locations in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina, and homeowners in Richmond can benefit from the professional services offered by our driveway sealcoating division. Our decades of experience, exceptional work, and deep commitment to customer service have allowed us to build an impeccable reputation. Call us at 804-625-7325 or complete the online form to request a free quote.

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