Fredericksburg, VA, asphalt maintenance

Fredericksburg, VA

US Asphalt Maintenance is proud to have been providing pavement maintenance services to customers in Fredericksburg, Virginia, since 1984. With over 35 years of industry experience, you can trust us to deliver high-quality results and exceptional customer service with integrity and professionalism. We are known for our commitment to true craftsmanship at reasonable rates. We have an exemplary reputation and impeccable references.

US Asphalt Maintenance | Fredericksburg, Virginia

Our customers include municipalities, federal and state agencies, counties, commercial property owners, and industrial and manufacturing facilities. We perform work for nationally known retailers and chain restaurants, small businesses, shopping malls, airports, apartment complexes, homeowner associations, shopping centers, office parks, and hotels. Our clients trust us to ensure that their pavements will achieve their expected life spans while remaining safe and attractive over the years.

The Services That US Asphalt Maintenance Offers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Obtaining exceptional results requires team members who are knowledgeable, well-trained, dependable, and skilled. At US Asphalt Maintenance, we have assembled an experienced, highly qualified team. Every member of our team is self-motivated to deliver high-quality work on every job. They pay attention to the details, do not cut corners, and take pride in their craftsmanship.

Our team members know that professional maintenance is a critical part of helping customers maximize the return on their pavement investments. We offer the services that you need to ensure that your pavement will last as long as possible and look its best throughout its life. These services include sealcoating, which can often double the life of an asphalt pavement by blocking UV rays and other damaging forces. Timely asphalt repairs are also critical to prevent water infiltration that can erode the pavement’s base. Parking lot striping and pavement marking enhance your property’s curb appeal, improve safety, and help you comply with federal and local laws. Asphalt resurfacing can provide the appearance and functionality of a new pavement, but you can save a substantial amount of money and disruption by choosing resurfacing over reconstruction. Concrete patching can help prevent additional damage as well as improve the appearance and safety of the area. A pavement maintenance plan can make your life easier by delivering the services that you need on a predetermined schedule.

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If you need a pavement maintenance contractor who is dependable, experienced, and knowledgeable, contact US Asphalt Maintenance. Feel free to ask us about our procedures, the products that we use, our prices, or our experience. If you are interested in a free quote or need more information, you can submit the online form or call 804-625-7325.

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